Brooklyn-based quartet Hypoluxo is gearing up to release their new LP, Running On A Fence later this month. The band travels in the sonic locale of Interpol and The National, with traces of their indie-cred leaning on the likes of Beach Fossils and DIIV. If you’re unfamiliar with Hypoluxo, now’s the time to get to know them.

The group’s third and final single before the release of their new album is the briskly paced ‘Trust Fall.’ It features churning guitars, lead singer Samuel Cogen’s deadpan baritone vocals, and a post-punk vibe that will surely take you for a headspin. Like previous singles this year, ‘Kentucky Smooth’ and ‘Huckleberry’, Hypoluxo make their way toward a carefree road, but my no means careless. Their crafty guitars, articulate storytelling, and eloquent resonance becomes a reverie you never want to snap out of. ‘Trust Fall’ offers all the essential ingredients for an idyllic indie-rock masterpiece. We have deep vocals to complement the painfully honest songwriting, which is on the forefront of a captivating sound that journeys swiftly through fluent undertones and razor-sharp rhythmic arrangements.

In terms of lyrics, the band may be narrating a disintegrating existence, one filled with deep frustrations and exasperating setbacks. However, vocalist Sam Cogen went into greater detail with The 405 on the meaning behind on the song:

"This song is essentially about feeling helpless. When I was in eighth grade I had to get major surgery on my leg because of a growing disorder that I was born with. I was unable to walk for a year and the medication I had to take made me feel so unlike myself during those already awkward years. I hardly knew who I was. ‘Trust Fal’l is about the way I was feeling during that shitty time in my life."

Hypoluxo is made up of lead vocalist/guitarist Samuel Cogen, guitarist Cameron Riordan, bassist Eric Jaso, and drummer Marco Ocampo. In the summer of 2017, Hypoluxo offered us their 4-track EP, Taste Buds. The collection of tunes expanded on the hypnotic qualities of their 2016 debut LP, If Language. Look out for Running On A Fence on September 21.