Do you remember this Noisey article from 2013? It celebrates an Irish band called I Am The Cosmos and hails their "sublime" debut LP Monochrome as one of the best albums of that year.

Three years later the Dublin-based duo, made up of Ross Turner and Cian Murphy, are back with 'Letting It Go', a minimal and impactful single that bridges the gap between synthpop and techno.

The track's undertone is rather dark, but its message is a positive one. As Turner explains via email, "the lyrics are a reaction to social dynamics - people playing games with each other [instead of having] open, honest interactions. People can naturally be deceptive but sometimes it can be harder to [...] decide whether someone is putting their own insecurities in the way. Best to consciously get past it and let it go."

'Letting It Go' is basically an ode to not taking things personally, which - let's be honest - we all need at one point or another.

Dorje de Burgh, a long-time collaborator of the band's and a documenter of the Irish music scene, directed the accompanying video, which draws inspiration from rare footage of Arthur Russell. The images are as hypnotic as the track itself and watching the unedited sequence feels like being treated to a mesmerising one-on-one performance of 'Letting It Go' in the darkest room of a club.

We unveil the video below so you can see for yourself. Warning: if you're sensitive to strobe lights you might need to skip some parts!

'Letting It Go' is out now on Happy Valley Records.