Yesterday (Monday 13th April) the man who survived Suge Knight's inexplicable hit-and-run back in January has refused to testify against him, after having said he was forced to the courtroom by subpoena.

When the prosecutor raised the topic of "snitching", Cle "Boan" Sloan is alleged to have got emotional, saying he doesn't want to be used to send Suge to prison. He added, "I screwed up and Terry's dead" – that's Terry Carter, the man Suge Knight killed in the hit-and-run. This last comment, that he "screwed up," what does that mean?

Last month Suge collapsed in court when he heard his bail was set to $25 million.

The incident happened on the set of Straight Outta Compton, which has seen its share of violent goings-on since filming began; just days into shooting an actual shooting took place outside the set.