In recent years, street wear has seen somewhat of a nineties resurgence. Retro brands such as Stussy and Carhartt have enjoyed a reinstatement of their popularity. Five panel caps, a pair of Nike Air Force Ones and the oversized sweater seem to be staple items within the wardrobes of the fashion conscious. Street wear has seemingly become androgynous and generic in appearance- or has it?

New Zealand based brand I Love Ugly begs to differ. Founded in 2008 by Valentin Ozich and Barnaby Marshall; the label aims to "make men look good by making great classic men's clothing with an I love ugly twist." This is indeed achieved through their unique propensity for fine tailoring, and the procurement of rare fabrics.

Their individual take on the five panel cap has led it to be their most recognized, and popular garment. Featuring real pig skin and genuine leather: the caps come in an array of original patterns. The team source dead stock fabrics from the most unusual of places to assure that 'I love ugly' look, which simply can't be replicated. The Bucket hat, another nineties favourite, has recently undergone the same treatment by the brand-sure to be a hit with its followers.

Next week I Love Ugly is set to release its June capsule collection. Allowing a limited number of tantalising images on their website; the new pieces appear to stay true to the brand’s image, and yet promise freshness, with even more eccentricity. It all looks everything but ugly.