One of the greatest philosophers of our time, Kobe Bryant, once said "everything negative is all an opportunity for me to rise."

It was a sunny and humid evening in North London on July 12th 2017, the day my iTunes spontaneously rebooted and deleted my entire library of 40,000 songs and 40 playlists, which had been meticulously, nerdily cultivated since 2008. Then my heart leapt with feverish enterprise on the thought I could restore my library via my iPod but... my iPod was already synced. It was over.

I was beset by the deepest sorrow. Part of me had died, some branch of my identity broken off.

Once I processed grief's five stages, I saw an idea, clearly and meaningfully; now presented was an opportunity to rebuild from the grassroots. I can start from the very, very beginning; no more unexpected Pigeon Detectives on shuffle, no more overbalance of Ludovico Einaudi, no more electro-swing playlist FFS. I thought the best way to rebirth my library would be to ask for assistance from the people best equipped to help; people who love music, of all kinds. So please, help me.

I have an empty 160GB iPod classic that feels all alone; it needs friends, and it doesn't care where they come from; 90s emo, eurotrash rave, Northern soul, acid house, David Bowie, Marvin Gaye, Solange Knowles, Cyndi Lauper, Apparat, go crazy; but please make sure it's actually good, otherwise I will just ignore it (no insipid 00s indie or Maroon 5 or something).

Pop down a few suggestions of your favourite stuff in the Google Doc; current, past, or of all-time. Be as traditional, conservative and obvious as you'd like, or as rogue, alternative, and personal. I'm calling out an SOS to everyone who loves music. Please help my library rise from the ashes. Help shape our soundtrack, and save my soul.

Head here to send me your suggestions.

My iPod is your blank canvas, music fans and music nerds and music obsessives. Shape it in your image.