Sometimes remixes don't need to be vastly different from the original track - this rework of 'Warpaint on Invisible Children' from the rather excellent I Used to Be a Sparrow is cut from similar cloth as the original track; there's an electronic undercurrent in the original that's been brought out fully in this re-imagining, rewriting 'Warpaint...'s' tricky 5/4-time blueprint and turning it into a huge, synth-led, dancefloor-ready song, throwing in some new elements here and there to give the song a new lease on life. We're exclusively streaming it below - if you need a pep in your step, then this should do nicely. The original's taken from the Swedish band's new album, which is out April 15th and titled You Are an Empty Artist. It's also rather good, and if you really can't wait to hear that, then it's streaming on their Bandcamp. Enjoy.