For those who have been following the iamamiwhoami viral video campaign, or at least have raised a brow with intrigue and curiosity, you may be somewhat relieved to know that it may be drawing to a finale. For those of you who are out of the loop, let me quickly summarise. Over the past few months, an elusive character had been uploading these dark, ethereal, lavish and tantalizing viral videos to YouTube and spreading them around the blogosphere like a cold. Here's the videos in the order that they were uploaded: Ok, so all of these videos share roughly the same visual and musical styles, now we're given the sixth video, which is a step in a whole other direction: Nice, eh? Anyone who isn't still insisting "omg it IS Xtina!!11!" is now pointing a finger at Swedish singer Jonna Lee (nope, I haven't heard of her either) and upon visiting her MySpace page you can see why. Though a bit of a different kettle of musical fish, you can't argue with the striking similarities in their looks. Also on Jonna's Twitter this image has been discovered - look familiar? I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty much ambivalent about who this is, but enjoying musing upon the little snippets of beautifully shot videos with pleasant soundtracks. I'm hoping the case isn't finally closed, because a) it's a little underwhelming and b) the videos are interesting. If anyone has any thoughts on it comment below!