Apparently having always had a fascination with Egypt, it seemed only natural that IAMNOBODI should one day end up sampling some of the country's musical heritage. So here the producer has flipped a bunch of samples taken from traditional Egyptian music for two tracks released via nascent label Habibi Funk, "dedicated to releasing arabic music from the 1970s and 80s."

One of the tracks is called 'Ankh' (you know what an ankh is, right?) and features a snapping beat founded below rising-and-falling peals of rich, uptempo samples, whereas the other track, 'Erefat', displays samples of slow, landscape-conjuring string sweeps and cascading percussion.

Habibi Funk, the Jakarta Records offshoot that launched back in May, had these words to share:

"Sometime ago [IAMNOBODI] flipped some egyptian samples which never turned into a full project but we felt they're a great fit for Habibi Funk so we figured we'd share them with you."