A few years back, I knew a girl who made out with a guy for one reason. He was wearing a Minor Threat t-shirt. A real one. Fast forward to the present day, and in an age of bootlegs everywhere, (pretty much covering everything from iPads to automobiles and yes, t-shirts), everyone suddenly has an opinion on Ian MacKaye licensing shirts to Urban Outfitters.

Pop into town and you can buy an Iron Maiden, RUN-DMC or Motorhead t-shirt in Primark or TopShop, and people that can't name a single one of their songs wear them. Should that be a problem? Probably not. Not in the larger scheme of the infinite universe. It seems a little on the petty side.

So if a guy who don't forget, runs a seminal label and probably has a good business head on his punk rock shoulders, wants to handle a little bit of his bands legacy and get paid for at least some of what is out there, should it matter?

MacKaye stated quite clearly yesterday: "I just don't give a fuck about T-shirts" which basically ends the conversation. And if you want to go to Urban Outfitters and pay their hilariously inflated prices for what they are selling, then maybe a cut of that should go back to the source. And maybe getting paid by The Man for a t-shirt is kind of funny, and also kind of punk rock. Or maybe, everyone should just calm down and go about their day.

Oh, and if you buy one of these, no one is going to make out with you.

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