Ian Sweet aka Jilian Medford is going to be releasing her new album Crush Crusher through Hardly Art on October 26th. Ever since hearing lead single 'Hiding' it's become one of our most anticipated - and the excitement takes another jolt today with the revelation of another new track called 'Spit'.

Hazy guitars characterise the new track, providing the perfect setting for Ian Sweet's unusual and slightly unsavoury dream of dissolving in someone else's spit. This fantasy seems to sit on the borderline between desire and nightmare for Ian Sweet, as she admits she's flirting with danger and the propulsive guitars and pounding percussion back this up. However, the chorus of "you'll go/ and I'll get swallowed by someone else's spit," is delivered in a moment of floating melodicism that suggests a blissful relinquishing into the power of someone else. Check out 'Spit' below.

Hardly Art will release Ian Sweet's Crush Crusher on October 26 - pre-order here.