Starting out with what can only be described as a neo-dancehall rhythm, this is 'Chambers' by Chicago rapper Ibn Inglor. It's produced by Santa Barbara-based music maker Danny Winter, who gives it a whole lot of dark electronic heft; changing from that dancehall-esque clatter – with positive patterns of piano chord – we move to something darker, a gigantic sway of a beat, far-flung white noise snares sharing the rhythm with deep muffled kicks. All the while, beset with a storm of distorted saw-wave bass, dotted with sharp screams from nowhere and, of course, Ibn Inglor's own fragmented flow, fiery with gritted-teeth frustration with lines like "We all so fuckin' young / The youth is just so fuckin' dumb" – expounding on internal and external conflicts. It's an epic-sounding track featuring words loaded with real feeling – and we like.

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