Watching last month's 22 Jumpstreet, there's always a fleeting reminder that Ice Cube was once the headiest, roughest rappers of the early '90s. The NWA figurehead speared a successful solo career, which eventually brought him into the acting world where he went from AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted to the father from Are We There Yet? Remember that thing?!

Four years after the release of I Am The West, the Los Angeles rapper revealed details of his 10th official studio LP Everythang's Corrupt. The first official single from the album is a bit, say, goofy. 'Drop Girl' features former LMFAO member Redfoo and everywhere collaborator 2 Chainz. If it wasn't obvious from the guest features on the track, 'Drop Girl' is a bit of a club-happy party theme, complete with a cartoonish video from director Will Kendrick.

Watch 'Drop Girl' below. Everythang's Corrupt is slated for release October 21st via Lench Mob and Caroline Records.