Iceage are really revving people up in anticipation of their fourth album Beyondless, due in just a few short weeks. So far they've put out three singles, 'Catch It', 'Pain Killer' and 'Take It All', and today they bring their hype to full-throttle with the last pre-album single 'The Day The Music Dies'.

A rollicking rocker with a pummeling riff, 'The Day The Music Dies' is classic Iceage in its unsteady but bluestering gait and Elias' defiantly heroic lyricism and delivery. This is all augmented by the Graeme Flegenheimer video, which features Iceage and saxophonist Lars Greve in Detroit and particularly in the sauna at the historic bathhouse, The Schvitz. Flegenheimer describes the video as “a love letter between friends and a city.”

Iceage's Beyondless comes out through Matador on May 4th and can be pre-ordered here. They're touring extensively in Europe and beyond through the rest of the year, find the dates here.