Icelander Snævar Albertsson goes by the name of Dad Rocks!, and we love him here at The 405. Here's what he had to say about Airwaves 2011:

Tell us a little about yourself...

My name is Snævar, I'm from Iceland and I live in Denmark. I've been playing in a band called Mimas now for 7 years, and started a solo-career in 2010 called 'Dad Rocks!'. I have two awesome kids, and I'm studying culture and aesthetics.

What can we expect from you at Airwaves 2011?

A big ass band. With Dad Rocks! I'm bringing 8 people along. They're playing violin, viola, trumpet, cornet, upright-bass, drums and what not. Expect Mimas to be in very good shape, as we're touring a lot these days...!

What's your favourite Airwaves moment?

It was Sigur Rós in 2000, which was special. Other awesome bands would be Úlpa and Sofandi. I also scored when I was there as an 18-year old. Hell yeah!

Who in your opinion is the one to watch from Iceland, and why?

Holy shit, so many good bands... Go see Sin Fang. Sindri has created some of the finest Icelandic music there is.

For visitors to Airwaves, which one Icelandic sight should they see when they're over?

The girls.

You can listen to Snævar's playlist for Iceland Airwaves here! We couldn't get Stafrænn Hákon -'Glussi', Retro Stefson - 'Kimba' or Hjaltalín - 'Traffic Music' on Spotify, so check them below: