Icona Pop features on Lowell's brand new single, 'Ride', a colourful slice of rattling uptempo scuzzy beats and empowering pop vocals. It apparently pays homage to the Van Buren sisters, the first women to cross the U.S. by motorcycle 1916, an act that proved women can do traditionally "male" things just as well as their gender opposites.

Of the track, Lowell says:

'Ride' is for everyone out there who has been called "abrasive" for being bold, a "rebel" for rioting, a "shit-disturber” for disrupting the status quo, and, most of all, for all the bad-asses who get called "bitchy" for being BOSS.

Feel free to purchase 'Ride' on iTunes, if you feel so inclined.

Earlier this year, Lowell took us on a track-by-track guide of her 2014 debut album We Loved Her Dearly.