Icona Pop really could be part of a sci-fi movie as they're the first celebrities to try out Samsung's new Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Taking to the stage in their new Galaxy Gear, Icona Pop have described themselves as "nerds" and have touted the smartwatch as a James Bond spycam. Already labelled a "phablet", this watch has more in common with a smart phone than your typical watch face and boasts the ability to store contacts, access apps and emails, take pictures and make and receive calls.

As the first smart gizmo that is likely to be accessible for the masses, this new system eliminates the need for Bluetooth or the hassle of get your phone out of your pocket and has been designed to work in conjunction with your phone, but it's not yet clear how practical it will be.

The smartwatch will be available to purchase from September 25.

In other Icona Pop news... the Swedish duo have unveiled a new song!

The new track 'In The Stars' is actually a Galaxy remix, following their recent promotional partnership with Samsung's new Galaxy Gear smartwatch, but Icona Pop's remarkable signature is all over it. The amazing ability that the two girls have to put a catchy song together, combined with the perfect amount of energy and absolutely lovely synths, is what makes us fall in love with every tune they drop.

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