What we're cruising to in our Citroën Berlingo van...

Ibeyi - 'River'

Ibeyi are two very inspiring and unique young women making music right now. When they released 'River', it was like nothing we'd ever heard before - and their live show was by far the best we saw in 2015.

Sylvan Esso - 'Play It Right'

Sylvan Esso are so minimal yet so rich in their melodies and production. The combination of the soft, effortless vocals with the electronic instrumentation is perfection. 'Play It Right' is just the kind of song you wish you'd thought of first.

Glass Animals - 'Gooey'

This song is just too good! Slick lyrics, addictive beats and sexy vocals with mad, quirky instrumentation. Completely obsessed.

Father John Misty - 'Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings'

Father John Misty is a genius songwriter and lyricist. He has the ability to take you far away in your imagination, painting so many pictures in your mind. This track is our favourite of his... and it's such a good driving tune!

Outkast - 'Roses'

This is a classic! Reminds us of being young, yet it doesn't sound old or outdated. You can keep singing their hooks over and over again and it never gets boring.

Crosby, Stills & Nash - 'Helplessly Hoping'

The harmonies in this song stop us in our tracks every time. Our songwriting and sound has a massive focus on different ways in which we can blend our vocals and we always find ourselves coming back to this song. It's timeless.

You can watch IDER's video for 'Pulse' by heading here.