The buzz around IDLES and has reached earthquaking levels as they head towards the release of their second album Joy As An Act Of Resistance on August 31st. This has been helped by a string of powerful singles ('Colossus', 'Danny Nedelko', 'Samaritans'), as well as fevered reports from their searing live shows. They're tipping the excitement scales one more time ahead of the album release with a new song and video called 'Great'.

Throughout the song and video Joe Talbot is poking fun at anti-immigration bores through harsh lyricism ("Islam didn’t eat your hamster/change isn’t a crime”) and taking up "working class" activities through the Theo Watkins directed video. He leaves us with this message about it all: “Let us go forward with open minds and open hearts into that fuck off fire we've started. No blame, no hate. Just love and a blue passport.”

IDLES will have a 2-day pop-up art exhibition in London to celebrate the release of Joy As An Act Of Resistance on August 30-31 at HM Electrics Gallery, 65 Nile St. London N1 7RD. They're also playing these in-store dates:

30 Aug UK London, Banquet Records, 9pm
31 Aug UK Bristol, Rough Trade, 3pm
31 Aug UK Bristol, Rough Trade, 7pm
03 Sep UK Portsmouth, Pie and Vinyl, 1pm
03 Sep UK Brighton, Resident, 6.30pm
04 Sep UK London, Rough Trade East, 7pm
05 Sep UK Sheffield, Record Junkee, 1pm
05 Sep UK Nottingham, Rough Trade, 7.30pm
06 Sep UK Leeds, Crash Records, 1pm
06 Sep UK Manchester, FOPP, 5.30pm
07 Sep UK Cardiff, Spiller Records, 7pm