Because what would the holiday's be without the shirtless punk icon playing you through lunch?

That's right, Iggy Pop will be hosting two afternoon specials on BBC 6Music; one on Christmas Day, and the second on New Year's. The former will be themed after "rockin' rebels" while the latter will celebrate "heartbreak and heartache."

On the shows, Iggy Pop said, "I was a little worried that the listening might feel ragged for the kind of people who can't embrace Duane Eddy and, say, the Last Poets in the same hour with Doc Watson. Well, that's too damn bad."

"I've listened to all this music for the shows and it all flows for me," he continued. "I hope to reach out and touch you."

During the season, BBC 6Music will also be running specials on Boxing Day presented by Mick Jones and Paul Simonon for This Is Radio Clash.