IKONS, whose full album you can stream here, have recently released their hauntingly awesome new video and we heartily recommend you give it the old watcheroo:

IKONS - SLOW LIGHT from Service on Vimeo.

Says Mr. Patrik Johansson, director: "The inevitability of death and the transience and vanity of earthly achievements and pleasures. The themes of 17th century vanitas paintings (where symbols of art, science and earthly pleasures are put against symbols of death) are as timely as ever in this age of decadence. I give you a vanitas for the 21st century, created by video-projections on three-dimensional objects. A still-life painted white in a darkened room brought to life by a technique sometimes called ”video-mapping”, meaning I have mapped the video-projections to fit the actual objects. Before the objects were painted white they were photographed, then animations were based on the photographs and projected back onto the objects and filmed." The self-titled debut album will be released on SRVC Records in January 2010. What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!