Lakefront, the pop punk quartet from Frankfort, Ill., has quietly been releasing some of the most exhilarating music of the past several years. Songs like 'Alone' and the sublimely fun 'Bad Intentions' have showcased the band's ability to craft tight, powerful and poignant slices of 90s-style pop punk. But Lakefront's new EP, Bummer, features the group at its most polished and expansive. It also happens to be the band's most impressive release to date.

Caked in 90s nostalgia, Bummer is four tracks of non-stop enjoyment on the surface. The production values are phenomenal, the guitar parts of Tyler Jackson are as infectious as anything released this year and the rhythms created by bassist Danny Sciaccotta and drummer Tom Maxeiner pulse with emotionality. But beneath the veneer of fuzzed out bliss, vocalist/guitarist Austin Royer dives headfirst into mountains of raw emotion. Tracks like 'Next To You' and 'Longing/Loving' catch Lakefront at their most vulnerable and, whereas some might shy away from this sort of thing, Lakefront really leans into it.

But there is no denying the beer-cracking fun of a song like 'Mediocre.' One listen and you'll want to be climbing into the mosh pit. Ultimately, that's what is at the heart of Bummer and Lakefront, as a whole.

"The night after me and my ex broke up, it was my good friend’s birthday party," says Sciaccotta. "It was the worst night of my entire life. I had a panic attack. It was horrible. But days later I learned that there is hope after that. And these songs portray that perfectly."

Life is difficult business and Lakefront realizes that. But the band also recognizes the importance of finding what makes you happy. That's why the band only has one hope for people's experience with the new record: "HAVE FUN. Bring it back like it’s ’98."

Stream Lakefront's Bummer above and, if you are in the Chicago-area on Dec. 23, be sure to snag tickets to the band's record release show. You won't want to miss it.