ILLLS are a garage rock group hailing from Oxford Mississippi, and their new album Dark Paradise is set be released by The Sounds Of Sweet Nothing records on June 17th. It's also available to pre-order on 12" and digitally here.

The music video to 'Teeth' can be viewed below and was a video made by the band themselves after not being too pleased with the directo” they had originally hired. It is a fun yet slightly surreal video showing a productive day at the supermarket resulting in the sort of food you make after a night out when you’re in no fit state to be cooking. The music itself certainly the melodic side of southern garage rock, with an opening riff that plucks, the occasional distorted strikes and a touch of synth “oos” around the chorus to keep a calm vibe.

Dark Paradise Tracklisting:

  • 1. Bathroom Floor (stream here)
  • 2. Teeth
  • 3. Goods
  • 4. Where Will It Grow
  • 5. Streetcars
  • 6. It's Not Me
  • 7. Kid Dream (Digital Bonus Track)
  • 8. Morocco (Digital Bonus Track)