A disused upstairs Gallery space of Dalston’s Shacklewell Arms, provides the sanctuary of calm for Brooklyn’s Sam Haar and Zach Steinman ahead of their live show here later this evening. Together they make Blondes – a duo whose musical sensibility sits comfortably somewhere on a spectrum spanning deep house, space disco, Balearic beats and the ubiquitous genre of Krautrock. The laconic pair has today spent the day UK sight-seeing in Bristol. Whilst apparently motivated to fit in a run when out there they are noticeably eager to wrap up what looks to have been a long afternoon fulfilling formal press requirements.

Having just completed a video interview prior, Sam admits pre our interview that he much prefers life behind the scenes than with the spotlight on him. In London currently (part of a European promotional tour which was to include shows in Amsterdam, Berlin and Dublin) supporting the release of their self-titled debut, I’m not sure if someone should point out to Sam that if the response to their album and music is anything to go by - the spotlight looks set to shine bright their way for some time.

Whilst jovial to a point, (referencing Fight Club as their pre-show warm-up routine) and with focus on the cans of Red Stripe (in-hand) they are still a few hours away from being able to call this day over, as they still need to get down to the business of their live show. What they unleash (incidentally) is a well-styled showcase live performance of the album here at the Shacklewell. The dank and dim-lit backroom of the Arms is small and an intimate venue in comparison to some of the shows already under Blondes’ belts for 2012.

The Blondes moniker is fast becoming synonymous globally for production in hypnotic and pulsating electronic analog synths and beats. This year, to-date they have played some large and renowned arenas: MOMA in Manhattan, and Panorama Bar (one floor of Berlin’s superclub Berghain.) The recent show reflects Zach in Berlin clinching the duo a final and elusive epic ‘Berlin show’.

“We’ve never played an awesome show in Berlin, we’ve played in some weird situations, I mean not all of them were bad but they weren’t amazing. The Panaroma evening sealed a great show for us,” says Zach.

It was in fact in Berlin some three years ago that the idea of Blondes was born. Their gestation period behind them with EPs Touched (which bore fruits such as Paradise City and of course Moondance) the overriding sentiment informing their latest offering is that the duo have reached a symbiosis which delivers undercurrent melodics and euphoria-inducing ambience with a new maturity.

Still, playing a packed out Pananorama last week? “Definitely one to tick off the bucket-list” says Sam Haar, and perhaps testimony to how far Blondes have travelled in a very short length of time.

Demonstrating a natural progression in their sound and influences Zach is mindful that the synchronised synthesised efforts the two are putting out currently is due to a culmination of factors.

“The album actually came about after a set of a 12 inches, it seemed like it was only natural. It is music that we were making during a period, representative of what we were feeling at that time,” he ponders.

Set to return to London in March for a live show at Ministry of Sound in South East London, the pair will focus the next few months on promotion of their life and blood for the minute the album. Adamant that they aren't part of any musical communities or cliques the emphasis for the talented duo is to enjoy their synchronicity, returning to the home comforts of New York for brief periods until they can get back there to work on another solid set of releases.

Blondes' self-titled album (our review here) is available through RVNG Intl..