illuminati hotties is the moniker of Sarah Tudzin, a Los Angeles based songwriter who recently caught our attention with singles 'Cuff' and 'Paying Off The Happiness', which are both taken from her debut album Kiss Yr Frenemies, coming out on May 11th.

The final teaser to be taken from Kiss Yr Frenemies is the exquisite 'Patience'. Tudzin's lyrics are sung tenderly but cut severely when considered - and she's targeting both herself and others in this instance. "Patience is a painful gift/ what a shame to wait," she begins tentatively, with her nerves only just starting to flare. As the song builds with expert guitar echoes and subtle electronics, so does Tudzin's frustration with the person who won't leave her bed. This becomes a tender outburst in the fuzzed-up chorus of patience, which recalls the kind of blissed out anger of someone like Mitski. Listen below.

Kiss Yr Frenemies is out on Tiny Engines on May 11th.