Label: None Link: If you’re a new band you will often get compared to other bands for the purpose of giving people the opportunity to decide as to whether or not they will pick your band out of the million other bands in a similar position. Now in the case of Imajim, they got compared to the likes of Radiohead.  To be quite honest that’s not something any band should want. Don’t worry, they’re still my favourite band but a tag like that will work more against you than it will for you in my opinion. If you write music that’s similar to Radiohead I’m afraid that 99.9% of the time you’re gonna look second rate and if the reason you got given that tag was because of the boundary breaking quality of your music, you’re gonna have to be bloody good at what you do.  So has the pigeon holing worked in their favour? Not particularly. Most of the songs of this 4 track EP seemed to just wash over me without leaving any sort of trace behind. They certainly share the same sort of vibe as Radiohead on tracks like ‘Proximo Now’ and also a touch of Buckley on ‘Thunked Up’ but it’s certainly not something I would write home about. Rating: 2.9/5