Last week, it was unveiled that SXSW had an immigration clause in their artist contracts that was incredibly problematic.

It gave the festival the right to contact immigration authorities if international artists were caught playing anything other than official SXSW showcases while in Austin. Although that's been the case for years now, the news just recently went viral and artists began demanding that the festival do something about it.

Now, organizers promise to "change the language" of the bullshit contract moving forward in 2018. "Safety is a primary concern for SXSW, and we report any safety issues to local authorities," they wrote. "It is not SXSW’s duty or authority to escalate a matter beyond local authorities."

Artists like Sheer Mag, Screaming Females, Talib Kweli, and Zach de la Rocha have all come forward and condemned the contract by signing this open letter.

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