Instagram is one of the most beloved social media sites of all times. It has helped people tell stories of their lives through pictures. People from all walks of life have been able to connect via it.

Instagram can also be good for business. It can help business owners further grow their reach while creating brand awareness. Statistics show that there are over 800 million active Instagram users every month. On a single day, there are over 60 million photos posted of which a whooping 1.6 billion ‘likes’ are given to these photos.

Business can make use of the above statistics to build a brand following. In the case that businesses need to know how their competitors are faring on Instagram, they may get more information here on how to view someone’s like history on Instagram.

On that note, below are some of the advantages of using Instagram for business marketing.

Instagram is based on storytelling

Sharing visual content on Instagram is way that businesses use to tell their audience a story, particularly what they are all about. This will help businesses build lasting relationships with their audience and other potential customers.

One thing though, avoid using Instagram as a place to push for product sales. Instagram is all about feelings and posting pictures that bring out an emotional response from your followers will create a positive impact on your brand.

Use visual content as a marketing strategy

Generally, photos are very engaging. On social media, posts that contained visual aspects had a 650% higher engagement rates as compared to posts that only contained texts. Use Instagram to see what products your followers like more, and this will ensure you better develop your brand.

You can reach a wider range of people

As I earlier stated, Instagram sees over 800 million active Instagram users every month. This is a potentially huge audience for businesses.

The best way to utilize this is by use of hashtags. Relevant hashtags are the best way to get your content or posts out there to a wide range of people.

If you are also willing to make some money and time investments, you can create adverts that target a specific niche; the target audience you are actually looking for.

Keeps your community engaged

In comparison to other social media platform, Instagram has reported the highest engagement percentage. Its brand engagement percentage is also higher as compared to its counterparts.

The best place to start is to follow people that show interest in your brand. You could start a conversation with your hashtag and inspire your followers to join in the conversation. Engaging your followers is not all about posting your brand photos. It is actually connecting with them. Avoid using bots to comment or reply. Automated engagements do not translate to real sales.

It is a platform for good feedback and insights

Business people will monitor conversations about their various brands. It is crucial for businesses to also keep a keen eye on customer feedback. This will help them know where to improve.

Followers will also give various insights that can lead to the betterment of the company.