Third Eye Blind are serious news across the pond. They're a little too Americana College-rock fpr me to have ever really got into them but as pop/rap-rock goes they employ some pretty tasty harmonies and make good use of dynamics 'n that. Anyway, 'In the wake of inflamed debate over whether they truly are one of the most revered bands of the nineties' Blender Magazine ex-editor Rob Tannenbaum has taken it upon himself to defend Third Eye Blind (in quite a hilarious probably non-ironic fashion) "I have cherished the music of Third Eye Blind ever since I illegally downloaded it all from the Internet. It's raw and passionate, perfect listening when you're on the treadmill or getting psyched for a Friday night or in your car texting and drinking a Starbucks." Poor coffee outlet choice and dangerous driving practices aside (I'll be impressed the day I see someone drive, text AND drink a coffee without running me over) the man makes an interesting point. To discover exactly what the point actually IS, Read the FULL ARTICLE here and let us know what you think. Personally I find it fascinating that such a influential band has largely passed the plucky Brits by (and I can't speak for Europe or anywhere else on grounds of utter ignorance).