It's a four-hour drive from Venice, up the mountains of Slovenia to Croatia, where we arrive just on time to dance along with Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley to 'Jamrock' in a 2000-year-old Roman Colosseum at sunset. The sky is emblazoned orange. The sand is red. The heat is stifling. And the hordes of 20-somethings, who have made their pilgrimage to Pula for a week of live music, beach views and partying have blocked off the streets in front of the country’s most historical landmark, with bottles of Ožujsko in hand. This is how Outlook Festival begins.

For five days, we champion the Adriatic sea, dodging giant jellyfish with beach-side drum and bass producers sounding off on the steaming shore. For five nights, we brave the dust and darkness to dance within the deep moats of Fort Punta Christo, where the sound bounces off the 18th century stone and into the dark night. Grime, hip-hop, reggae, garage and electronica provide the week's soundtrack, with stages occupied and mosh-pits initiated by acts like Stormzy, Kano, Lady Leshurr, AJ Tracey, Section Boyz, Little Simz, Hiatus Kaiyote, Korupt FM, Abra, and Iration Steppas.

Outlook manifests into a twisted world and we're the strange creatures who inhabit it.

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