June has come and gone, but in it’s wake we’ve been left with a plethora of new music, which has made choosing the ten tracks for this month's mix an even more difficult process than normal. However within these ten we can see a fair reflection of the wondrous amount of genres and styles which currently exist in new music, and we begin with Finnish act French Films and their fantastic new single 'When People Like You Fill The Heavens'. Bobby Tank's beautifully blended remix of 'You Know You Like It' follows, with my track of the month/year/life, Purity Ring's 'Fineshrine', entering swiftly afterwards and only exuberating my excitement for the band’s upcoming album.

Fang Island and Opossoms more than fill our quota for emphatic guitar riffs, before Blackbird Blackbird and JJ return us to an electronic infused calm. A surprise of the month has been Temple Songs sudden, read: belated and rightful, rise to prominence, and the band are set to release a cassette on Twisted Tape Recordings. Our penultimate track, another fantastic remix, is then followed by a respectfully somber conclusion, with Echo Lake's 'Wild Peace' included not only as a beautiful piece of music, but also in memory of the recent, tragic passing of their drummer Peter Hayes. [Ben Blackburn]

  • French Films – When People Like You Fill The Heavens
  • AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It (Bobby Tank Remix)
  • Purity Ring – Fineshrine
  • Fang Island – Sisterly
  • Opossoms – Blue Meanies
  • Blackbird Blackbird – Happy With You
  • JJ – High Summer
  • Temple Songs - $$$$$$' $$ $ $$$$$$$$$
  • Outfit – Everything All The Time (Amateur Best Remix)
  • Echo Lake – Wild Peace

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A$AP Rocky


Nina Smith

Free Press Summer Fest, Houston

Neon Indian

Fatboy Slim // Big Beach Boutique

No Direction Home

Hot Chip

Factory Floor


Tenacious D

Melodica, Melody and Me

Primavera Sound

Sunn 0)))

Sunn 0))) @ Koko, London 12/06/12

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Predisposed at a festival // Found at Field Day 2012

Predisposed at a festival // Found at Field Day 2012 Part II

Free Press Summer Fest, Houston



TV Girl

TV Girl

Ryan Jarman of The Cribs

Ryan Jarman