Wannaplayvienna is a monthly showcase for unsigned Austrian bands; to present their brand new sampler, they invited the first bands who played on that same stage a year ago, The Who the What the Yeah and Stefan Galler (from The Void) doing a solo appearance. The first band played a special (sadly rather short) acoustic set of heartfelt songs, accompanied by Super Pavel on banjo - upbeat and comforting pop-rock music with touching lyrics. It took me only a couple of seconds after Stefan Galler got on stage to be completely moved by his incredible voice. He stood there with his guitar, a little shy towards the audience, losing himself in his songs, screaming his lungs out like a young Kevin Devine, soon unaware of anything happening around him. Once in a while, the small group of music-enthusiasts from Wannaplayvienna discover jewels well-hidden in the fast-growing Austrian music scene; let's hope some of them will have the opportunity to go far.