Word up. This here is a Fourum Watch article, helping the wider world let The 405 Forum (Or: Fourum, to coin a phrase!) into their lives. The idea being you see this, think the threads are awesome and that they are totally empty without your profound input, then head straight over and input said input! Gosh I wish I was this eloquent in my fourum posts... Sugest an idea for one of our 405 debate features. If it's at all sensible or thought provoking chances are it'll be featured! Have your say on the album of the year so far! Current shouts have included Animal Collective (..duh!) and even an album not on general release yet... HAIKU! Post a picture of yourself! This one is getting pretty fun. See me gurn spectacularly! Judge for yourself if Will really is a hippy. Get involved and let us know what you think in The Fourum!