Before you hit play on this one you need to turn it up, you need the impact, you should plug the device you're reading this on into some speakers that are life-changingly loud, please just trust me on this.

It goes bap bap bap BASS and I need you to be ready for when it does.

Maybe clear some space, put away anything breakable that you care about, just in case you need to start throwing your body around or you feel so inspired by the sound that you relinquish all of your possessions, trash your living space, and move to some farm in the middle of nowhere to start your life fresh outside of the system that is holding you down - it happens ok.


This song is taken from the new Indian Jewelry album, which will be released at the start of September, it is called Doing Easy and I'm really super fucking excited to hear more, because to my ears, this is the perfect pop song.