Rising pop starlet Indiana has finally revealed the details of her hotly anticpated debut album! No Romeo will be out on 1 September via Epic, and you can listen to its second cut 'Heart on Fire' below. The album ranges from twinkling Scandinavian dance-pop to brooding lullabies and that futuristic alt-R&B that's been all the rage lately. She said that 'No Romeo' is a pseeudonym she's given to herself, and you can read her explanation of it below. The album's tracklist and her upcoming tour dates are listed as well!

“With each song I immersed myself in to a role and pushed the boundaries I dared not to in real life. The more I wrote, the more I discovered about myself. What started out as an emotional outlet had turned into my life and with each day I was growing as an artist. The title is a pseudonym I have given to myself. These may appear to be love songs but look closer, chip away their exterior beauty and reveal an inner darkness. I am No Romeo.”

  • Tracklist:
  • 01. Never Born
  • 02. Solo Dancing
  • 03. Play Dead
  • 04. Heart On Fire
  • 05. Blind As I Am
  • 06. Jack
  • 07. New Heart
  • 08. Bound
  • 09. No Romeo
  • 10. Calibrated Love
  • 11. Shadow Flash
  • 12. Only The Lonely
  • 13. Mess Around
  • Tour Dates:
  • July 5 – Wireless Birmingham
  • July 6 – Wireless London
  • August 2-4 - Camp Bestival, Dorset
  • August 9 – Beacons, Skiptonv
  • August 1st - Leopallooza Festival – Cornwall
  • August 23rd – Reading Festival
  • August 24th – Leeds Festival
  • September 4-6 Bestival, Isle Of Wight

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