Like many other streaming services, Apple Music doesn't actually display full album credits: the lesser-known people who work in the background are most often left out. This covers a potential plethora of professions, including writers, composers, lyricists, engineers, producers, musicians, illustrators, designers, photographers, et cetera.

Enter indie musician, bassist, teacher and composer Jon Burr and his petition entitled Show the Album Credits on Apple Music! – published on Billboard on 5th July, it's already racked up over 30,000 signatures. Read a snippet just below:

"We chose to target Apple at this time because the rollout of Apple Music is missing this category of information. Apple has shown a willingness to listen to feedback in the past, and is sensitive to their user base (which contains many of these same creatives). As the leader in technology and music marketing, if they set a trend, others may follow. We understand that doing this will create a burden on these services -- many just don't have access to the information due to the way digital music is delivered to them. If we can encourage a cultural shift going forward and develop enhanced supply chains, we’ll be making the kind of progress needed by musicians, composers, lyricists, engineers, photographers, designers, and other contributing creatives."

It'll be interesting to see if Apple listen to this. Famously, Taylor Swift was able to force Apple to U-turn on their decision to not pay royalties, but then again Swiftie's a big name. Jon Burr isn't. Apple at least seem to be unaffected by the amount of people having a go at them, and instead worry about the stature of the people having a go at them.

Read the whole petition over at Billboard.