NYC-based musician Alex Marans debuted his new project DD Walker in the summer of 2018 with the exhilarating ‘80s retro tune, ‘Malibu’. The former touring multi-instrumentalist of Atlas Genius, Bear Hands, and Skylar Grey looks toward fresh avenues with the spotlight solely on him. Now in full control, DD Walker conveys bracing sonic components with elevating arrangements to the world of indie-pop. With an array of favorable singles ahead of his debut EP, all eyes should be on him at this very moment.

Emitting refined waves of indie-pop and synth-pop, DD Walker’s final focused track before his debut EP Malibu is ‘Concord’. The track serves as a spiritual extension of his first single ‘Malibu’ in terms of its lyricism. In regards to the four tracks he’s released since mid-2018, ‘Concord’ plays it effortlessly cool and collected with glistening tones, alluring arrangements, and immaculate vocals. Sonically, it’s linked to the likes of Twin Shadow. On the other hand, the burgeoning artist brilliantly encapsulates a different kind of melancholy that still allows for a source of illumination to permeate inside. DD Walker bridges the gap between pop elegance and piercing relationship-laden storytelling making ‘Concord’ an endeavor that’s equally reflective as it is exceptionally exquisite.

DD Walker went into greater details about the meaning behind ‘Concord’ with The 405:

“‘Concord’ at its core means 'Harmony' or 'An agreement' - and this song is about the breaking of that harmony or agreement. It also serves as a part two to the other single off of the EP, ‘Malibu’. Concord picks up where the 'Malibu' narrative leaves off—the romance established in Malibu takes a turn at a cult/BDSM party gone wrong (think Kubrick's ‘Eyes Wide Shut,’ without the masks), and the narrator and love interest make an escape attempt. The party guests follows the two - the love interest becomes enamored by and ultimately joining them.

“The chorus “Hell or High Water / Either way we're going out together / But it's never too close" doubles in meaning - on the one hand, it holds hope of overcoming and escape from something together, and on the other, that the external forces have doomed the two one way or another.' The refrain from 'Malibu' is echoed in 'Concord': "The coast is clear" which means 'there is no danger of being observed or caught’—which in this song is untrue, where as in 'Malibu' there some hope in that statement.”

Following the release of ‘Malibu,’ the singer-songwriter shared ‘Do You Miss It’ and ‘Psychic Twin’ in the second half of 2018. ‘Do You Miss It’ emulates guitar echoes reminiscent of The 1975 before launching into his very own electrifying soundscape. On the scope of its pop structure, the track connects deeper with ‘Malibu’ while ‘Psychic Twin’ has more of a sonic kinship toward ‘Concord’. ‘Psychic Twin’ lies securely between alternative-pop and synth-infused productions while navigating through restrained synths and minimalistic drumbeats. However, the stirring vibe pulls listeners in with the profound sense of vulnerability and authenticity in which surrounds the track. DD Walker has crafted some of the more promising indie pop tracks of the past year and if he stays on course, the outlook in 2019 and beyond looks to be brighter than ever for this young rising talent.

Take your first listen of ‘Concord’ below:

DD Walker’s 5-track EP Malibu will be released on January 4th. The EP was produced/mixed by Andrew Maury (Cautious Clay, Lewis Del Mar, Shawn Mendes) and mastered by Heba Kadry (Bjork, Gabriel Garzon-Montano) with additional mixing by Andrew Lappin (St Lucia, Gavin Turek). Will Whatley contributed drums on ‘Concord’.

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