Summer is underway and with the season comes a plethora of anthems of all different shapes and sounds to be released into the wild. With today’s track, a 405 exclusive premiere, Orange County, California based quartet, The Millennial Club, examine modern love in all its glory and longing. Their song is called ‘Santa Barbara’, and like its title, it offers both warmth and awe like a night leading up to an experience you’ll never forget.

These So-Cal buds carry along with them a deep propensity for 80s pop and 90s R&B, which was heavily displayed in their previous single, ‘Give It Up’. In the case of ‘Santa Barbara’, the four-piece act finds themselves at a distinct locale of wistful dream-pop and irresistible indie R&B. With this follow-up single, the band’s resonance here is multi-layered as well as becoming greatly restorative if you’re feeling lovesick. With the arrangements, The Millennial Club mixes seductive electronic synths with subdued bass lines and endearing vocals to produce a sensuous soundscape to bask within.

Here’s your first listen of ‘Santa Barbara’ below:

The Millennial Club is the coalition of Andres Owens on vocals/guitar, Jared Ortiz on bass/keyboard, Jake Stevenson on guitar/saxophone, and Tyler Kamei on drums. ‘Santa Barbara’ as well as its predecessor, ‘Give It Up’, will both be included on The Millennial Club’s debut EP, She’s So Insane, out sometime later this year.