Stepping back from his Kenny Dennis moniker, Chicago indie rap whirlwind Serengeti is back again with his previous collaborative partner Yoni Wolf. After joining for the 2011 album Family & Friends (with Advance Base), the duo have announced their effective return with the forthcoming concept album Testarossa.

The new album, featuring the lead single 'Lunchline', follows the story of Maddy and Davy, a young couple. In the early 2000s, Davy is touring with his garage rock outfit and things seem to be going fairly well. After marrying Maddy and having a child, Davy's garage rock world begins to tumble when the scene starts to fall out of favor. The story then moves to desperation, with Davy performing anywhere he can just to get his family back home.

Listen to 'Lunchline' below and pre-order Serengeti and Yoni Wolf's upcoming album Testarossa via Joyful Noise. The album arrives May 6th.