Having already shared tracks 'Jailbreak from the Tesla' and the Rico Nasty-featured 'Jawbreaker' earlier in the year, Arizona rap trio Injury Reserve has proven themselves to be a busy bunch as of late. But today, the industrial rap instigators have culminated their recent efforts into today’s announcement of their self-titled debut album.

To celebrate the announcement of their debut LP and first full-length release since their 2016 mixtape Floss, the experimental rap trio has also shared their brazenly executed new single titled 'Koruna & Lime'

Flaunting their usual sticky energy, the trio’s two emcees, Stepa J. Groggs and Ritchie With a T spit fire with erratic charisma and a boisterous audacity that manifests differently with both rappers. For Groggs in particular, he spews with a righteous “I told you so” attitude, opening the track with a fearless preamble detailing group’s rooted approach to making and sharing music thus far: “Humble as a mumble in the jungle, ya dig / Can't never knock the hustle, get that shit how you live / If you didn't help me get it, don't be speaking on mine / No, for real, don't say shit, like you speaking in mime…”

Maintaining their respective flows across the track’s brief but memorable two-and-a-half minutes, the group’s sonic mastermind Parker Corey devises a wonky backdrop comprised of faint horns, pounding metallic drum beats and distorted vocal samples that grunt and wail with abrasive intent. Each of these elements combine to form a slightly deranged attitude that only rappers/rap groups like Death Grips and jpegmafia can portend.

Nevertheless, 'Koruna & Lime' certifies the rap experimentalists’ peculiar sound, attitude and a heaping amount of hype that is certain to arrive and frenzy out of control as the release date for their highly-anticipated debut nears.

Watch the music video for 'Koruna & Lime' above and keep tabs on this vigorous hip-hop trio by following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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