Inner Tongue is the moniker of a Vienna-based experimental pop musician who is set to release his debut album Favours in May via Mount Silver Records / Caroline International.

It's a debut album that could have come out years ago, had it not been for the diagnosis of a rare vocal cord disorder in 2013. Following the requisite surgery he couldn't talk - let alone sing - for months. This setback is ultimately what inspired Inner Tongue to find new means of expression through music: "I decided to modify my musical focus temporarily by writing songs which could produce a melodic tension without vocals, but which featured the traits of forward-looking pop music. It was as if someone had pressed a reset button on the musical identity I had of myself."

This can be heard in new single 'Teeth', which on its surface is a desperately delicate and pretty experimental pop production, built around a central piano and plenty of additional textures. On repeated listens it becomes clear how Inner Tongue has subtly built up layers of playful pop production to fully express those deep-seated inner emotions. As they perfectly wreathe themselves around his pristine falsetto, the result is a deeply resonant exploration of what pop music can be.

Inner Tongue says of the genesis of 'Teeth': "Have you ever had a brief moment of clarity that lets you see things from a different perspective? When that vision has slipped away, all that's left is a feeling. I was chasing to reproduce one such feeling with this."

Listen to 'Teeth' below.

Inner Tongue's debut album Favours comes out on May 25th. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.