For many musicians, finding people with a similar vision is tough. However, LA-based Inner Wave lucked out in that department; the five-piece have been playing together since they were 12-years-old.

Over the years, they've honed their skills as a genre-bending band that promisingly pulls from a menagerie of influences to create a unique sound. As they put it, they approach music "with the mind of an electronic producer, the body of a lo-fi psychedelic band, and the spirit of Latin inspired hip-hop rhythms."

Their next LP, Underwater Pipe Dreams, is slated to drop this month, but you can listen to their new track, ‘Eclipse, right now.

Lead singer Pablo says "'Eclipse' is a song I wrote and performed all the parts for. Probably wrote it sometime in 2016 and was a last minute addition to the album. It’s one of the songs that is more about heartbreak, longing for someone and wanting to make things work.”

‘Eclipse’ has dreamy guitars, punctuated drum syncopations, and a slithering bass. The drums and bass get your heart racing, but the hazy guitars and synths nestle you until you're at ease. ‘Eclipse’ will definitely get your day going right.