Label: Universal / Island Release date: 29/09/08 Link: "We're all here cus we've lost control" As those words ring out on the finale of the opener to Innerpartysystems debut album I got the distinct feeling that the next 50 minutes of my life were going to be pretty interesting. I'm going to conjure up one of my classic descriptions and call this band the bastard love child of Midnight Juggernauts, 30 Seconds To Mars and Justice. That sounds bloody awful doesn't it!? Well it actually works. They've captured the frantic glitch of Justice, the galactic distortion of Midnight Juggernauts and wrapped that up nicely with the emoness (yes that's a word) of 30 Seconds To Mars. Though to be fair the 30STM comparison mainly comes from the vocal aspect of singer Patrick Nissley. As far as debuts go it's a pretty good effort. The majority of which contains some very strong songs like 'Die Tonight, Live Forever' and . The awful songs like 'Structure' with the frankly quite lame lyrics "why did you change? why did you bend and break? when the water turned to wine never feels the same" soon get forgotten when compared to the good ones. I think my main issue with them as a whole was the slower songs, like the aforementioned 'Structure'. Instead of sounding like the bastard love-child of those bands I mentioned previously, they end up sounding like the actual child of 30 Seconds To Mars. Which isn't a good thing at all.  I think if they concentrate more on the frantic energy they display on songs like 'Die Tonight, Live Forever' and 'Last Night In Brooklyn' I think they would have produced a more solid album and probably a more exciting one too. Good start. Bad Finish. Rating: 5.9/10