After blowing up earlier this year with her single 'Promise Not To Fall,' Portland-based musician Human Touch is back at it with another exquisite and moody electro-pop gem, 'Living Young.'

Starting with a bed of steel drum-esque synths, atmospheric textures, and some post-punk guitars (what an amazing combination), 'Living Young' has a gripping and innovative sound. But it is the passionate and evocative vocals of Human Touch, the very-80s alias for singer/songwriter/producer Natalia Rogovin, that take the track to the next level.

"I wrote this song when I was facing a choice between 'settling down' and living a life that is more in the box or continuing to seek new experiences and adventure," says Rogovin. "I rebel when people equate being an adult with giving up mystery and the possibility of the moment and drifting into a routine of known quantities. I never want to give up the mystery up. Writing 'Living Young' helped me remember that."

'Living Young' is imbued with powerful and inspiring themes and sounds, the kind that make you feel alive. Simply put, this song fucking bangs, and everyone should do themselves a favor and check it out.

You can stream Human Touch's 'Living Young' above, and be sure to pre-order her debut LP, Promise Not To Fall, which drops on Sept. 7. Every song from it so far has ruled, so you won't want to miss it.