As a prelude to the release of its Coming Up For Air EP and full U.S. tour, San Diego rock outfit Inspired & The Sleep have released the exclusive first listen of 'Turning Screws'.

Scoping a year back with the band's low-key and deceptively endearing 10-track release Teenager., the band was plenty familiar with playing down to DIY elements to bring out an endearing nature to its sounds; limited but curiously riveting. Still, it seemed the four-piece psychedelic band had more to offer.

In comes 'Turning Screws' - while still practicing in the band's charming limited nature, fills some aesthetic void with minimalist atmospheres. The quirky design of the song allows for the band's off-kilter formula to shine, but rather than subsist solely on its already established charms, Inspired & The Sleep manage to add deceptive energy throughout. Every quiet lull between movements is met with a rush of instrumental passion, bringing 'Turning Screws' into a more promising light.

Stream the premiere single below. The band's Coming Up For Air EP release date and U.S. tour schedule will be announced soon.