There's a new Instagram account causing a fuss in the rap world, although its content has little to nothing to do with music. FakeWatchBusta identifies famous rappers (and other celebrities) spotted wearing counterfeit watches, featuring photos of the celebrity with their watch and an explanation for why it's fake. Among its victims so far are Soulja Boy, American football player Garrett Wolfe, and multi-millionaire Mohamed Hadid.

Although he's not professionally connected to the industry, the 30-year-old user describes himself as a "detail freak" and a "watch geek", according toNoisey. "No one loses any sleep over some Swiss million dollar companies getting hurt, but all the research I've done comes down to terrible conditions, use of hazardous materials and child labor," he explains, adding that he has been threatened with lawsuits and receives a cease & desist letter almost once a week.

Source: The Verge