Many may be revelling in the fact that Instagram has banned the EDM hashtag, as the service reported in a statement to Time. But as much as "EDM" is a marketing tool and too-general label used for all sorts of music from footwork to "future bass" and the vague euro-trance-crossed-with-pop sound that walks the land these days, it doesn't deserve to be silenced.

However, it's not because of the music that it's been banned.

"#EDM was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity," said Gabe Madway, a spokesperson for Instagram.

This is reminiscent of the banning of #curvy last month – a hashtag frequently attached to posts that also violated Instagram's guidelines around nudity. This incited controversy due to the fact that Instagram had banned a term that promotes a positive body image, and reinstated the hashtag, albeit under closer scrutiny than before.

So until people speak out against being unable to hashtag three letters on Instagram due to the company's own inability to pay closer attention to what gets shared, we are stuck with this censorship. As with many things in life a few people ruin it for everybody else. And I'm saying this as a fan of freedom, not a fan of EDM: imagine that backlash.

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