Instagram's latest update has done what Vine has not been able to do - upload previously created video content to your account. Instagram (the photo-sharing mobile app acquired by Facebook last year) has been integrating their video content features fairly smoothly over this summer, allowing for all of the functionality of Vine (a micro-video sharing mobile app created by Twitter) without drastically changing the app to do so.

In the latest update, pressing the video recording icon brings over a the video control panel. You are able to record video as you normally would - up to 15 seconds per video - or you can now access your camera's gallery and upload a previously recorded video - or even stitch two videos together or add on to previously existing videos. Vine has not responded with any feature updates as of yet.

This feature on Instagram has actually touched me personally. You see, I am a poor graduate student who lives a little over a thousand miles away from my mother.

My mother wasn't very popular growing up. She is from the Philippines and always told me about how her family was poor and couldn't afford to send her to do all the popular kid things around her town, so she ended up doing the cheap/free things - to the chagrin of her social life.

When social media became a hit, she tried to integrate herself into these networks in hopes to gain followers and friends and maybe get to experience that popularity she never had growing up. She would try all the tricks - hashtags, liking all the posts in her timeline, pictures of her food - but still, no huge popularity. No increase in friends. No new followers.

I am not that popular on the internet either. But I do know what the internet likes. And we do have an extremely cute, fluffy pure-bred Maltese dog named Isabella.

As a gift to my mother, I created an Instagram account for her dog in hopes that it will get thousands of followers. Then, on her birthday, I'll give her the account and she (and her dog) can finally be popular.

This has become problematic for me now, unfortunately. I have already uploaded all of my pictures I have taken of Isabella and cannot take anymore since she lives a thousand miles away. My activity on Instagram has dwindled from multiple pictures a day to once a day and now to once a week. I've tried to keep my Instagram presence active by commenting on other Maltese dog Instagram accounts, but content is sorely needed to attract followers.

When Instagram allowed for video uploads, Isabella's account was basically saved. I have a bunch of videos that I can upload one day at a time - lasting me until my mother's birthday. And hopefully by then, I'll be able to get another few hundred followers for my mum and the dog.

So, Instagram and Facebook: Thanks. You really helped me out here.