Facebook has once again announced some new functionality, this time for their Instagram app. Users can now make amusing 15 second videos, with all the boho filters a person in lensless glasses could ask for. Forget about taking boring static pics of your food, now you can film a sepia stop motion epic of your food arriving, the first few bites, half finished and done! Imagine how impressed all your friends will be. It'll be like they were there! Unfortunately, because you were so busy filming the experience, it will be like you weren't.

Instagram CEO, Mark Systron, had this to say: 'When we joined Facebook a lot of people asked me what Instagram is all about. When I think about what Instagram is, I think about moments and visual imagery.' Hmmm, moments and visual imagery. I think the word you're looking for there, Mark, is "photographs". Which would make Instagram, with its huge 16 billion collection of 'moments and visual imagery', a really big "photograph album".

So, basically Facebook are competing with Twitter's 6 month old video sharing network Vine. Does this mean the end for Vine? I doubt it. Both Facebook and Twitter have their core users, so I'm sure both services will end up being used, regardless of which one comes out on top in the popularity stakes. It's almost like a console war. Except nobody really cares.