We recently introduced you to Julien Chang, the 19-year-old student from Baltimore who has just signed to Transgressive. He previously shared the disco-tinged track 'Of The Past', but this week has announced his debut album Jules will be out on October 11th and shared the new track 'Butterflies from Monaco' - which has a completely different sound. It's no surprise to read that he says of the debut album:

The record was brought to life by uncertainty and experimentation, just like most everything else in life is during the summer before senior year... Even in the last weeks of recording, I was unsure of what kind of album it would turn out to be, but I think that was the point of making it - to follow inspirations indiscriminately and to whatever extent I felt.”

Previous single 'Of The Past' took him down a high-energy dance-oriented route, but new single 'Butterflies from Monaco' is almost entirely different, drifting in on a dreamy, Beach Boys indebted breeze. It begins with the old idea of a butterfly flapping its wings in one place and causing a tornado elsewhere, but Chang's musings go further up to the clouds, carried by bluesy guitar and keys - recorded with delightful softness. 'Butterflies from Monaco' is six minutes long, but it's so easygoing and downright charming that the time passes in a grin-inducing haze.

Julien Chang's debut album Jules is out October 11th on Transgressive. You can get a glimpse of his instrumental abilities in person at one of his upcoming live shows:

10/15 - Brooklyn, NY @ Baby's All Right
10/28 - London, UK @ Bermondsey Social Club
10/29 - London, UK @ Servant Jazz Quarters
10/31 - Brussels, BE @ Botanique Witloof Bar
11/01 - Berlin, DE @ Musik & Frieden