London’s electronic duo Intaya is creating music inspired by the sounds of the city. Debut single 'Guaguancó' fuses underground dark electro melodies, flavoured with hints of lead singer Pao Pestana’s Venezuelan background.

The track, which was co-produced by Oli Barton-Wood (Flamingods, Nubiyan Twist, Tom Odell) features velvety vocals which glide atop floating melodies, sizzling instrumentation and layered synths, transporting you to a sandy beach under the Carribean sun. Intaya shares, “Guaguancó is a homage to a traditional style of music that we love from Cuba that involves powerful interlocking drums, voice and dance”.

‘Guaguancó’ (pronounced Wah-wahn-co) is a shining example of the duo’s love for hip-hop and jazz, all wrapped up in an electronic Latin blanket. Pestana is waving the flag for Latin women in the pop music industry and demonstrating how music truly has no limits.

The single is the first to be released off of their upcoming EP Not Your Typical Tropical Dream and if it’s even just a taste of what we can expect, then we are in for a treat.

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